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Mule ESB Training

Mule Introduction:

Mule is an enterprise service bus. It helps us to integrate various systems regardless of technologies that are used, it is available in both community and enterprise editions. It supports both cloud and on-premises to run mule applications. Mule follows stage event-driven architecture (SEDA) makes it highly scalable. Providing Any Point Platform and Any point studio which helps mule more powerful in integration platform.

Why Mule:

In the current market, with the fast-growing technologies and the business ideas to be implemented within limited budget, using the legacy application and given time line. Those companies that are not able to adapt the changing business model could not stay competent in the market. In order fulfill the gap and benefit from latest technologies and stay relevant in the market, Mule ESB is found to be the solution.

Some of the client that have gained advantage from Mule Soft are Target, vmwere, Accenture, Master card, Barclay, GE, Coco- Cola, Cisco, at&t , Delloite, NETFLIX Splunk ,pwc …… and counting.

Mule Features:

  •  Development: Is much easier in mule. It Provides drag and drop graphical design.
  • Connectors: It provides more then 150+ built connectors help to connect various systems
  • Custom Connectors: Allows us to write own custom connectors
  •  API Development: It supports API development. Expose these API’s into portal and maintains as well.
  •  Clustering: allows you to group Mule Servers together and automated load-balancing and failover between nodes.
  •  Data weave Language (DWL): provide powerful DWL allows us to transform any kind of data

formats etc.….……


As part of the mule soft training will train you prerequisite as well. having knowledge in core java, XML and Json is added advantage

Who can Learn this course?

developers in any language


System Admins


• Mule ESB Introduction

Need of ESB and how it helps to resolve the existing problems
what is Mule and its Features?
What is Any point studio platform for Mule?
What is Mule flow & subflow?
What is Message Processor?
How does a Mule message looks like?

• Debugging ,Mule Message & MEL

Debugging a mule flow
Structure of a Mule Message in detail
Property Transformer
Expression Transformer
Flow Scope&Session Scope
MEL In detai
Using Lists and Maps in MEL

• Functional testing of Mule flows using MUNIT

Generating MUNIT flows from existing flows
writing various asserts
creating mocks in Munit

• Filters

How does filter work in various scenarios
Payload type filter
Expression filter
Using Path in MEL
Exception Type Filter
Message property filter
And- Filter, Or-filter

Configuring Message filter to throw exception on unaccepted message?

• Understanding Http Listener and Http Request Configuration in detail

Consuming a Restful Webservice
Passing arguments to Restful Webservice
Consuming a Restful Webservice having a RAML

• Exposing and SOAP Service Mule

Consuming a SOAP Webservice
Consuming a SOAP Webservice by passing the arguments
Exposing Soap Webservice using Contract first approach using WSDL

• API Development Using RAML

RAML Understanding
Create and expose Restful services using the RAML
Consuming the Restful services using API Console

• File Endpoint

Polling File system using Inbound file endpoint
Using outbound file endpoint to write to file system
Implementing inbound and outbound file endpoint

• Database Endpoint

Configuring DataSource
Configuring Database Connector
Parameterized Queries
Dynamic Queries
Template Queries
Polling the Database using a poller

• JMS Endpoint

Configuring Jms Connector
One way Jms outbound endpoint
One way Jms inbound endpoint
Two way Jms outbound and inbound endpoints
JMSReplyTo Header

• Data Weave data transformation Language

Writing DataWeave expressions
Adding Sample data to view
Previewing transformations in studio
Externalizing Data weave expressions into DWL file
Writing Expressions for XML ,JSON and JAVA
Writing Expressions for transforming XML to Json and viceversa
Using Message Variables in DWL
Creating multiple transformations to create Flow variables, Session variables and Outbound properties in Transform Message transformer
Transforming complex data structures using DWL
Using Various DataWeave Operators
Custom DataTypes in DWL
Conditional Logic Operators in DWL
Using GroupBY,distinct,replace,regex ,etc

• Exception Handling

What happens when exception happens in a flow?
How to handle System Exceptions??
Default Exception Strategy
Catch Exception Strategy
Rollback Exception Strategy
Reference Exception Strategy
Choice Exception Strategy

• Configuring Domains

What and why are domains required?
Creating a domain project
Deploying a domain

• Routing ,Splitter and Aggregators
Choice router
Scatter- Gather router
How Splitter and Aggregators works? Use for Each
Implementing Callable
Custom Transformer

Tuning Performance by configuring Flow Processing Strategies
Synchronous Processing Strategy
Queued Asynchronous processing strategy
Asynchronous Processing Strategy
Thread Per Processor strategy
Queued Thread per processor strategy

• Anypoint Platform & integrating Salesforce

Introducing Any point Platform
Creating APIs in Platform
Deploying mule services in Cloud Environment
Saleforce introduction
Sample application integrating Salesforce

• Introduction to MMC and Mule Standalone server

Deploying applications into standalone server manually.

What is MMC?

Adding mule servers to MMC and what happens when registering Mule Server in MMC
Monitoring Mule servers using MMC
Deploying Applications using MMC

• Administration using MMC

Understand hot deployment and app structure
Deploy an app from MMC
Basic MMC usage and monitoring of computers

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