Storage Area Network (SAN) is a network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage. SAN’s are primarily used to enhance storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes, accessible to servers so that the devices appear to the operating system as locally attached devices. A SAN typically has its own network of storage devices that are generally not accessible through the local area network (LAN) by other devices.

Course content:
Module1: Basics

Concept of Data
How big is the Digital Universe?
Types of Data
Evolution of storage concept
What is Storage Networking about?
Data Center Infrastructure
Module2:Disk technology & Disk management

Disk Technology
ATA Technology
Serial ATA Technology
SCSI Technology
Serial Attached SCSI
The iSCSI Standards
iSCSI Applications
Protocol structure
Disk Management
RAID and Subsystem Architecture
Subsystem Architecture
RAID Concept
RAID Level 0,1,3,5,10,01,50
RAID level comparison matrix
*Module3: DAS/NAS/SAN Explanation& Storage Hardware

DAS/NAS/SAN Explanation
Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Comparing Solutions
Storage Hardware
Storage Hardware
Controller Components
Enclosure Components
Communication Links
Switches & Patch Panel

Zoning& types
LUN Masking and Mapping
Thin Disk
Reserved Disk

Fibre Channel, FCIP, and iSCSI SAN
Introduction, Advantages
FC protocol Architecture
FC SAN topologies
Fabric Service
Module6: Accessing Storage from Multiple File Systems

Host, Connectivity, and Storage
Storage Media and Devices
Boot From SAN
Considerations and Usage
Setup and Configuration
Module7:Storage Architecture & Management

Storage Architecture
Functional Overview
Deployment Architectures
User Interfaces
Disk drive sparing
Managing users
Storage Resource Management
Information Life Cycle management
*Module8:Business Continuity Management (BCP/DR)

Remote instant replay
Asynchronous Vs synchronous
Replication configuration
Disaster recovery deployment
Module9:Storage Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring tools
Report options and automation
Threshold alerts

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