Tableau Desktop is data analysis that keeps you in the flow. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s built on breakthrough technology that translates pictures of data into optimised database queries. Our course offers a comprehensive and in-depth training on the latest version of Tableau along with some amazing data visualisation techniques which are not just easy but also fun to learn.

Course Outline:-
● Tableau Desktop Basics and Architecture
● Visualisation Concepts
● Data Warehousing Concepts
● 24 Basic Visualisations
● Advanced Visualisation Techniques
● Tableau Server
● Examples for Daily Practice.
● Additional Examples for Advanced Visualisation
● Resume Preparation
● Interview Preparation covering SQL and Data Warehousing questions
● Scheduling Report Generation
● Tableau Development Life Cycle and Real Time Scenarios Course Contents Detailed
● Data warehousing concepts.
● Tableau Components and their functionalities.
● Tableau Architecture (Desktop).
● Tableau window partitions.
● Data elements & default properties.
● Working with Data Connections – Live and Extract
● Tableau Data file Formats.
● Working with Measures.
● Conversion of measures to dimensions and vice-versa.
● Working with Date and Time fields
● Actions.
● Filters and types of Filters
● Levels of filters and scope.
● 24 Charts – Line/Bar/Pie and other Basic Visualisations
● Data Blending – Working with different Data Sources
● Basic calculations: string, arithmetic and quick table calculations
● Parameter controls.
● Grouping & Dynamic grouping.
● Sorting & Dynamic Sorting.
● Sets & Dynamic set (Joins).
● Clipboards.
● Working with Maps & Geo coding
● Hierarchy.
● Pages.
● Advanced Table Calculations
● Advanced chart types and visualisations: Word Cloud,Box Plots,Bump Charts,Pareto Charts, Bubble charts,Waterfall charts, funnel charts and Control Charts.
● YTD and MTD
● Dashboards and Storytelling.
● Tableau Server Basics
● Row Level Security
● Sharing and Publishing workbook.
● User, Groups,Sites and Permissions in Tableau Server.

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