Selenium Course Overview

MainTopic SubTopics Duration
Introduction to Automation Ø What is automation testing
Ø Advantages of Automation Testing
Ø How to learn any automation tool
Ø Types of Automation tools
Introduction to Selenium Ø What is Selenium
Ø Use of Selenium
Ø Features of selenium
Ø Difference between Selenium and QTP
Selenium Components Ø Selenium IDE
Ø Selenium Core
Ø Selenium RC
Ø Selenium Grid
Ø Selenium 2.0 - Web Driver
Selenium IDE Ø Selenium Overview
Ø Selenium IDE Introduction
Ø Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
Ø Recording  and Running a Simple Test
Ø Selenium IDE – Features
Ø Installing Useful Tools for Writing Tests
Ø Selenium Concepts
Ø Selenium Commands
Ø Exporting IDE test scripts to RC/WebDriver
Ø Verifying Page Elements – Assertions and Verifications
Ø Wait Commands
Ø Object Identification
Ø Element Locators
Ø Limitations of Selenium IDE
Core Java Class ,Object ,method ,DataTypes & Variable
Loops & conditions
Break & Continue keyword
Providing the values in runtime
Switch stmt
Oops --concepts
Exception handling
Selenium RC -1.0   1
Basic Selenium 2.0 / WebDriver Ø Introduction to selenium 2.0
Ø Advantages of web driver
Ø Web Driver v/s RC
Ø Architecture of Web Driver and RC
Ø Installation / Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver
Ø Identifying the elements in Web Driver Using Id, Name, Xpath ,link and CSS
Ø Working with Different drivers like HtmlUnit driver, Firefox Driver, IEDriver, Chrome Driver, Android Driver etc…
Ø Creating the generic scripts in Web Driver
Advanced Stuff Ø Capturing screenshots
Ø Simulating Keyboard Events
Ø Handling Drag and Drop
Ø Mouse over action in web Driver
Ø Web Driver Client Libraries
Ø Web Driver commands with examples
Ø Handling Web Tables
Ø How to take data from excel sheets
Ø How to update data in excel sheets
Ø Working with excel sheets using Web Driver
Ø How to take data from DB
Ø Handling Pop-up’s and alert messages
Ø Handling Ajax events
Ø Working with Dropdown and page back commands
Ø Working with frames
Ø Working with Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait
Ø Capturing screenshot on failure
Ø Web Driver with TestNG / Junit
Ø File upload and download
How to use TestNG and Junit in Selenium Ø Introduction to TestNG
Ø Why TestNG
Ø Setting up TestNG
Ø Working with TestNG
Ø Advantages of TestNG over Junit
Ø Exploring TestNG Features
Ø How to Use TestNG Annotations
Ø Writing Selenium testing script from scratch
Ø Creating Test suites using TestNG
Ø Creating and running Test suites using TestNG
Ø Skipping Tests
Ø Setting priority of execution for test cases
Ø Executing group of regression/sanity/smoke test cases using TestNG
Ø Data Driven Testing TestNG
Advanced TestNG concepts Ø TestNG Execution Report
Ø Printing the log statements in TestNG report
Ø TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
Ø TestNG Reporting features
Ø Emailing TestNG reports in Selenium
Selenium Grid Ø Selenium Grid Overview
Ø How to Configure selenium Grid
Ø Grid as Collection of Selenium WebDriver nodes
Ø Understanding & Using Desired Capabilities Class
Ø Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid
Sikuli Tool for handling windows Ø Installing Sikuli
Ø Sikuli Overview
Ø Why Sikuli?
Ø Sikuli Script Examples
Ø Compiling Sikuli scripts
Ø How To Use Sikuli scripts in Selenium WebDriver
Working with Robot Class to handle windows popups Ø What is mean by Robot class
Ø Why Robot class in Web driver
Ø Usage of Robot class in Web Driver
Ø Handling windows popups using Robot class in Web Driver
JavaScript Executer in Web driver Ø What is JavaScript Executor?
Ø Why we use it?
Ø What is JavaScript Executor in Selenium?
Ø How to work with JavaScript Executor using selenium web driver?
Ø Advantage of JavaScript executor in selenium
Ø When we have to use JavaScript Executer in selenium
Cucumber Tool with Web Driver Ø Cucumber tool Overview
Ø Downloading Cucumber Jars and installation
Ø Preparing Features File having test scenarios
Ø Writing Runner Class
Ø Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
Ø Cucumber HTML Reports
Ø Usage of cucumber tool with Web driver
Maven for Selenium & TestNG Integration Ø Apache - Maven
Ø What is Maven
Ø Installing the Maven
Ø Configuring the Maven
Ø What is pom.xml file
Ø Using the pom.xml file
Ø Setting up the Maven project in eclipse editor
Ø Use of Maven project
Ø Building and running the selenium Maven project
Ø Updating the jar files by using Maven
Ø Updating the libraries by using Maven
Ø Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven
Ø TestNG Maven Configuration
Ø Executing TestNG from maven
Automation Framework Ø What is Framework
Ø  Types of Frameworks
Ø  What is modular framework
Ø  What is Data Driven framework
Ø  What is Keyword driven framework
Ø  What is Hybrid framework
Ø  Use of Framework
Ø  How to develop the framework from the scratch
Ø  Integration of the framework

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